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Tetra Pond AlgoRem 250ml


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TetraPond AlgoRem

– Algae can usually grow faster than plants even at low temperatures. The application of AlgoRem blocks the first algae growth in spring

– not compatible with sturgeon

– Mode of operation: The active ingredient molecules of AlgoRem attach themselves to the algae cell wall and bind firmly with it. The cell wall ruptures and the algae is killed. The dead algae residues with the attached active ingredient molecules are microbiologically degraded

– compatible for aquatic plants, fish and microorganisms when used properly

– reliable effect within a few days

– to prevent algae, we recommend the use of Tetra Pond AlgoProtection and Tetra Pond PhosphateMinus

– Particularly easy and precise to dose

Packaging units:
250 ml (for 5’000L)
500 ml (for 10’000L)
1 L (for 20’000L)
3 L (for 60’000L).