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STANLEY Stainless Steel Reusable Cup with Straw Leak Resistant Flip 30 oz

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Fits into the common bidon holders. The bottles are suitable for cold and warm drinks up to approx. 60 degrees Celsius, but only conditionally for carbonated drinks. With fermenting or carbonated drinks there is no leakage safety and the cap can open unintentionally and suddenly. Filled bottles should be stored upright; if stored lying down for a longer period of time, small amounts of liquid may leak. The bottles should not be thrown to the ground; the closure can be damaged. To obtain a nice surface and a perfect pressure, the bottles should not be treated with sharp-edged objects. Bottles that are no longer used can be recycled. The printing inks are environmentally friendly and free of heavy metals. The plastics used are free of plasticizers and bisphenol and are food safe. The bottles and especially the printing inks are dishwasher safe in standard household dishwashers and when using standard household dishwashing detergents.