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normann COPENHAGEN Washing-up bowl with washing-up brush


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Washing-up dish bowl with dishwashing brush. Casual design for the kitchen: Ole Jensen creates an outdated utensil for the kitchen only at first glance. Because instead of sticking to today’s mostly automatic rinsing process, he designs a versatile bowl for the Danish brand Normann Copenhagen. Flexibly made of food-safe rubber, the bowl does not scratch metal, enamel or plastic surfaces, it can go round the dishwasher or linger in the refrigerator. If you add up all these characteristics, the bowl with the dishwashing brush is indispensable for cleaning fruit and vegetables. The Washing-up Bowl is also a popular fruit bowl and salad bowl, keeps bottles cold with dozens of ice cubes or fresh bouquets of flowers in a vase. DesignPlus 2002 award.