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Highly effective mixed culture of living purification bacteria
Dennerle Bacto Elixir FB7 is a highly effective, concentrated mixed culture of selected, living purification bacteria. When added to the aquarium, they become active immediately and start breaking down harmful substances.
Bacteria play a decisive role for the biological balance in the aquarium. It is these invisible helpers that continuously remove fish excrements, plant and food residues. Each species of bacteria is specialised in certain substances. Only the “right” bacteria therefore guarantee the rapid, safe decomposition of the waste products typical of aquariums. A new aquarium or fresh filter material is almost sterile. Without active help it can take many weeks until a stable bacterial fauna has developed. Substances toxic to fish such as ammonia and nitrite can accumulate and endanger life in the aquarium. Tap water for human consumption may only have an extremely low bacterial content – this is why it is chlorinated by the waterworks. However, aquarium fish need “living water”.
Important bacteria
Powerful nitrifying bacteria eliminate dangerous ammonia and nitrite. Mulm degradation bacteria use hydrolytic enzymes to reduce the organic sludge on the bottom and in the filter. Other species of bacteria specially bred for aquariums feed on plant and food residues, fish excrements and organic turbidity. Bacto Elixir FB7 sustainably strengthens the self-cleaning powers of all freshwater aquariums. The optimised water conditions reduce stress. Fish live healthier and feel more comfortable. The water remains clearer.
Application: when setting up new fish, when setting up new aquariums, when starting-up/cleaning the filter, after medication treatment, after every water change, in case of increased ammonia or nitrite content, to strengthen the self-cleaning power, in case of higher fish population, in case of problems with the water quality, in case of higher mulch occurrence.
Normal dosage
Weekly 20 ml per 100 L aquarium water – for example after partial water change or filter cleaning, to improve and stabilize the water quality in case of increased demand. Weekly 40 ml per 100 L of aquarium water – for example after treatment with remedies or if there is a high fish population. If the ammonia or nitrite content is measurable: Daily 40 ml per 100 L of aquarium water until ammonia/nitrite has decreased to 0 mg/L: Shake bottle before use. Add product to the aquarium at a point with good water movement, e.g. near the filter return.